Social Fabric of Migration, Finnish edition is a third canvas in a series. The purpose of this canvas is to create a social fabric filled with stories of migrants who are connected geographically with Finland and are or were part of Finnish society, to share those stories with others, to foster empathy within contemporary Finnish society, as well as to connect people and to provide the important feeling that every one of us is a part of the community and we shape the community no matter what official statuses in the papers saying.

If you feel you want to share your story of migration and become a part of Social Fabric of Migration, Finnish edition, please, share your story in this "Social Fabric of Migration" Survey.

It will be just great if you can participate in the art project with your real yarn, then please choose the yarn that has personal meaning for you or pick one that represents you and your immigration experience.

Any amount, any colour, new or old - just please, describe why you chose it.

For those of you who wants to participate in the project with your own yarns, please send the yarn along with your story to:

Varvara Zhemchuzhnikova,
15 Maude Court
Port Moody, BC, Canada
V3H 4J6

Thank you!